Save Money, Time,
Worry and the Environment

Unicor LLC is your reliable source for secure information destruction and disposal.

Money and Time Saver

Our Secure shredding services can significantly reduce your in-house shredding costs and allow your staff to focus on their jobs instead of spending tireless hours on document shredding.

Reduces Liability

As a member of the National Association for Information Destruction, Unicor LLC offers trainings and keeps you updated on the latest legislation, regulations and technology in the rapidly changing field of secure information destruction and identity theft. Once the shredding process is completed, you will receive a notarized Certificate of Destruction as proof that your documents have been properly destroyed, freeing you of any potential liability issues.

No Need to Worry

Paper Shredding Companies

Unicor LLC guarantees you peace of mind when shredding your documents. We remove any worry by providing an unbroken chain of custody of your sensitive materials. Your materials are under our constant professional care and supervision. You or someone you designate may witness the entire shredding process. We can also provide you a video of your materials being securely shredded services.

Shredding Helps the Environment

When you shred with Unicor LLC you help the environment. We keep your waste materials out of landfills by sending the baled shredded material to paper mills for recycling.

Go Green! Let us fit you with containers best suited to your needs. To get started, please tell us which service you are inquiring about:

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