Onsite Staff & Equipment

Unicor LLC has the staff and the equipment to help your company be more efficient in its quest to minimize waste and cut costs. We provide onsite staff and equipment that can specifically handle your waste volume. We customize our staff and equipment to fit each company’s needs. When you have the proper equipment onsite and a dedicated staff to manage the equipment, you’re looking at not only reducing your waste volume and cutting costs, but you’re also saving your company time and stress.

Benefits of Onsite Staff & Equipment:

  • Reduces cost
  • Reduces number of hauls to landfills
  • On-site Unicor LLC dedicated and trained staff
  • Customized equipment
  • Unicor LLC is responsible for equipment maintenance
  • Unicor LLC is responsible for staff management

Who Benefits?

Unicor recycles a number of different materials, including:

  • Large Companies
  • Manufacturers
  • Municipalities
  • Universities
  • Farmers
  • Processing Plants
  • Grocery Stores

Go Green! Let us fit you with containers best suited to your needs. To get started, please tell us which service you are inquiring about:

Recycling and secure document destruction, secure shredding services,Document Destruction