Unicor LLC provides waste-to-energy services through an anaerobic digestion waste recovery system. This process produces renewable energy by converting organic waste such as food scraps and animal byproduct to a biogas that is then converted to clean and renewable energy. This Advanced Energy Recovery System allows companies to reduce waste while creating cost-saving energy and long-term sustainability.

Benefits of Waste-to-Energy:

  • Reduces Odor Emissions
  • Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Gain Clean Energy
  • Off set energy costs
  • Elimination of waste

Who Benefits?

Any facility that produces organic or non-organic waste interested in generating clean and renewable energy for in-house use. Potential clients include:

  • Agriculturalists
  • Ranchers
  • Dairy Farmers
  • Restaurants
  • Grocers
  • Schools/Universities
  • Hotels
  • Convention Centers
  • Arenas
  • Hospitals
  • Military Bases
  • Company Headquarters

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