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Old Glass Recycling Albuquerque!

In Albuquerque recycling has become a regular practice by its responsible citizens. A cleaner city is the result of ABQ recycling. Glass can be easily recycled by sorting the glass wares by color and crushing them into smaller pieces. This cullet is then melted in the furnace and given a new shape and color.

Unicor LLC is the most growing company that is not just limited to paper shredding but also for glass recycling in Albuquerque. Glass should be recycled and reused because it saves energy as cullet takes less energy to be melted than energy used in manufacturing new glass. As the quality remains unaffected of a recycled glass it can be processed again and again.

The glass wares made on higher temperature than the normal glass can’t be recycled. Items like baking dishes, electric bulbs , fluorescent lights and ceramic items are such type of glass that should not be kept in the recycle bin.

With Unicor LLC, old glass bottles and jars can be recycled and reused in many ways. All you need to do is to take it to the nearest center or call us if you need a pickup service.

We send our team members right away to pick your stuff. We recycle this glass in a safe and sustainable way in order to create new items such as:

1.Table wares:

Quality of glass hardly gets affected by recycling and reusing. So it can be used over and over again and beautiful table wares can also be made up of recycled glass.

2.Toilet wares:

Ceramic toilet wares like basins and bath tubs can be made by using a mix of crushed glass and other components.

3.Table tops:

Textured kitchen platforms and tabletops are very much in trend nowadays. Appearance of broken glass bits gives a mosaic effect on the surface of a table top.

4.Water filtration:

Glass grains can be used in a water filter to make the water more clear. It is more effective than sand because is long lasting, lighter than sand and algae doesn’t form on it.

5.Decorative items:  

Recycled glass is also used to make decorative items like candle stands, lampshades, jewelry  pieces, bangles and chandeliers etc.

Take your excess waste glass to our nearest recycle center and contribute to a cleaner city. Contact us on our website and recycle today.