Free Shred Day will be on Monday July 1, 2019.

We will be offering free shred day Monday July 1, 2019. We are located at 1615 Broadway Blvd NE, Alb NM 87102. 8:30am-3:30 pm

Residential Shredding

Secure Residential Shredding Services By Unicor!

Save time, money and environment by choosing us for residential shredding services!

Are you planning to relocate to another area? Is your garage full of unnecessary documents and stacks of big boxes? Want to get rid of such old and useless documents?

If yes, we can do it for you! We are a reliable residential shredding services company who is being in business from many years and we boast a skilled team of professionals who can do this task for you effectively.

Every homeowner has that one room where they store bags of documents and useless bills and receipts?

There comes a time when one wants to remove all such things in order to make it a clean space. By choosing the wrong person, there are higher chances that your documents may get misuse if not disposed of in a proper way.

We are the best one that you can choose without giving a second thought and the best thing about us is that we will not take any transportation charges from you.

Residential Shredding

Cost-Effective Residential Shredding Services at Albuquerque

When you choose Unicor for the services of residential shredding then you won’t have to fret regarding anything as our team of professionals will come directly at your home.

We will carefully pick all the documents and transport all these for shredding and recycling. You don’t have to remove staplers, clips from the bundle of documents; we will take care of everything from starting to completion. We understand that everyone is leading a busy life, so you can contact us as per your needs and the time that better suits you.

Cost-Effective Residential Shredding Services at Albuquerque

Till now, we have served many happy clients and we are expecting more in coming years. We provide complete satisfaction to our customers by our quality services. It doesn’t matter how many bundles of files or papers you have, we can handle it without any intricacy and securely destroy all confidential materials.

Why Choose us?


When you will choose us, you will surely receive the below-given benefits:

Quality service

Handling queries of the customers is our foremost priority that we never overlook at any cost. Experienced persons will visit your place and pick all documents safely with them.


Our prices are reasonable and there are no hidden or additional charges. Our services are worth for money that you will surely appreciate.


We ensure that your all secret documents are destroyed in a secure way and as per regulatory standards.


We promise to keep the confidentiality of our customer’s information and maintaining reliability in our shredding services is our topmost priority.

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