Free Shred Day will be on Monday July 1, 2019.

We will be offering free shred day Monday July 1, 2019. We are located at 1615 Broadway Blvd NE, Alb NM 87102. 8:30am-3:30 pm

Secure Shredding

Save Money, Time, Worry and the Environment

Unicor LLC is your Reliable Source for Secure Information Destruction and Disposal.

Money and Time Saver

Our Secure shredding services can significantly reduce your in-house shredding costs and allow your staff to focus on their jobs instead of spending tireless hours on document shredding.

mobile and on-site shredding

Reduces Liability

As a member of the National Association for Information Destruction, Unicor LLC offers training and keeps you updated on the latest legislation, regulations and technology in the rapidly changing field of secure information destruction and identity theft. Once the shredding process is completed, you will receive a notarized Certificate of Destruction as proof that your documents have been properly destroyed, freeing you of any potential liability issues.

No Need to Worry

Unicor LLC guarantees you peace of mind when shredding your documents. We remove any worry by providing an unbroken chain of custody of your sensitive materials. Your materials are under our constant professional care and supervision. You or someone you designate may witness the entire shredding process. We can also provide you a video of your materials being securely shredded services.


Recycling and secure document destruction

Just type shredding services near me or, secure shredding near me on your Google search tab and get linked to Unicor LLC, the best Shredding service provider in Albuquerque. By shredding unwanted documents you will not only clear up the mess from your workspace but also will be highly trusted by your customers, due to secure shredding of customers’ personal information. Happy customers lead to progress of the business and will prevent you from unnecessary lawsuits by government and time long-running litigations. So start shredding now!

Opt for Secure Shredding

and Protect Your Documents from Identity Theft

Crucial documents are always at higher risk of theft Hence it is always required to securely destroy these documents. opting for secure shredding services is the best option to destroy such documents without causing any harm to the environment. Dumping waste into the ground and improper disposal of waste paper may cause many hazardous situations. Even at the workplace if the shelves and rest of the space are piled up with unnecessary documents it is at higher risk of fire hazard. There are secure shredding services available to securely shred such documents that are no longer required.

Secure Shredding Process that Adds on to a Cleaner City Includes Various Steps such as:

1. Document Purging:

First of all you require to separate unwanted documents from the ones that need to be kept for future needs. Piled up work space may give birth to many risks like fire hazards, trip and falls etc. By sorting papers and removing unwanted documents your work place will become more organized and futuristic that will help you work in an efficient way. It will help you clear the work space occupied by unwanted documents.

3. Recycle Paper Shreds into Useful Products:

Shredded paper is then recycled into many useful products like Tissue papers, paper mache, storing fragile items, making fruit and egg trays etc. Things made of recycled paper can be very much useful in daily life.

2. Collection of Purged Documents:


The purged documents are then collected into large bins. These bins are locked and only allow you to slide down your documents from the top elongated opening. Once the bin is full these documents can be sent for shredding.

4. Schedule a Mobile Shred:

If you don’t want to send your documents offsite for shredding due to documents containing highly sensitive information, you may also call us and schedule for a mobile shredding service. In this service our executive will come along with well equipped shredding van. The documents are then shredded confidentially in front of you.

For more details about our onsite and offsite shredding services and avail discounts on bulk shreds contact Unicor LLC today!